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Ok I have another question for editing Pokemon Ruby, though this one may be kinda of so obvious that I'll be smacking myself in the forehead for asking but, how do I create an offset for an event say like an item?

I'm using XSE and I read the little tutorial thing on what script to use in order to make it so you can find an item, however, I tried to save but the save option is greyed out, and I tried the hot keys but they did nothing. Later I thought I could just type in random numbers and letters in the offset, hot key the save and attempt to see if the item was there but it wasn't. (go figure...)

#dynamic 0x800000

#org @start
additem 0x5D 0x1
This is what I'm putting into the program so I can find a sunstone in a certain area of the game. (I can't believe the only way to obtain it is by talking to an old man in the space station) What I'm trying to do is make it so that you can "mine" for the evo stones in the Fossil Cave. I could find the events for the other 5 stones, all I had to do was make the overworld sprite invisible so they don't look like just some random Pokeballs sitting on rocks. That and I had to make their ID 0000 so you can always comeback later to get some more stones if need be.

Please help.

EDIT: What I mean by Fossil Cave, its just a map I made were you can catch the first form fossil Pokemon like Kabuto and such as well as Clefairy and Jigglypuff due to the fact that they HAVE to live near moonstones
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