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Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Cool a DBZ Movie after all this years...

But why not GT? :/
Dragon Ball Kai, essentially. It caused the franchise to bleed money and saw the revenues for Dragon Ball drop to an all time low in Japan. I think the idea here is to make people remember Dragon Ball Z and not Kai.

Really though, Toei should just bite the bullet and create a brand new series. You can only milk the same stuff for so long before people realize they're playing the same fighter they've played the last three years in a row, just with a slightly different move set. Or that they're buying a slightly different DVD or blu-ray set. Toei is a company that is no stranger to milking things to death by constantly creating new incarnations. I think, if they want Dragon Ball to continue to be profitable, they need a full on new series at some point.
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