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    Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge SoulSilver Update #2

    -In the interest of full disclosure, I used Steve to help beat my rival’s Gastly. Eddie had no moves with which to hit it
    -Went through Ilex Forest, skipped all the trainers I could, ran right through Goldenrod, and went immediately to National Park
    -Started up a Bug Catching Contest to catch the first permanent member of the team, Umberto the Scyther (we won :D ). Taugt her the TM for U-Turn right away.
    -Umberto turned out to be a total beast once I trained her up. With Technician, her Wing Attacks end up being something around 135 base power with STAB.
    -Umberto took out Whitney single-handedly without taking a single hit, one shotting both Clefairy and Miltank (the latter with a lucky crit) (Lost the screen for this :( )
    -Killed Sudowoodo, got to Ecruteak, and went straight to Burned Tower
    -After a bit of searching, we got the next member of the team, Stannis the Magmar
    -Went west from Ecruteak, leveling up Stannis on the trainers along the way
    -Got to Olivine, got the Good Rod, caught a couple Krabbys (one for surf use later)
    -Traded one of the Krabbys to a guy in town for a temporary member of the team, Billy the Voltorb
    -Went back to Ecruteak where the whole team got their hands dirty on the Morty fight (Lost this screen as well)

    The Team:

    Umberto the Scyther ♀, Lv.28
    Ability: Technician
    -Wing Attack

    Stannis the Magmar ♂, Lv.22
    Ability: Flame Body
    -Faint Attack

    Billy the Voltorb, Lv.23
    Ability: Static
    -Light Screen


    Eddie the Ledian ♂, Lv.21
    Ability: Early Bird
    -Comet Punch
    -Mach Punch

    HM Slaves:
    Steve the Quilava: Strength, Rock Smash, Cut
    Castanet the Krabby: Surf
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