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Originally Posted by LightningAlex
I would really like to meet another gay person. Not for a relationship, but just for talk. Who could understand me better than another gay guy living here? Question is, how? How do I find another gay person here, where nobody dares to be out, or to come out to anyone? Does anyone have any advice on that? I'm starting to think that there are no gays here, except for me, of course.
Do you have a smartphone? If you do, download Grindr. Most people already know what Grindr is, but I'll be completely condescending and tell you anyway just in case you don't . Grindr is an app where you create a profile and it shows you all the other gay guys with Grindr in your near vicinity. It even tells you how far away they are in miles, if they've set their profile to allow that. You can strike up a conversation with someone and ask if they'd like to meet and talk. It's a fantastic app

Warning though: there are a lot of people who go on Grindr looking for sex. Most of those people will be pretty easy to figure out immediately just by looking at their profile or from the way they begin a conversation with you. But among those people you'll find a select few who are genuine people just looking to make a connection, just like you. And if the place where you live is as homophobic as you say it is, then there's a good chance there might be more of the nice people there than there are here.

You don't have to put a picture of yourself up if you're worried about being outed, but you're more likely to have people talk to you if you do. Essentially that is the most popular app in the gay community. If there are any gay people around you (and there are), that's where you'll find them.

Originally Posted by Destructor
It's actually very nice. I'm glad it all turned out well for you in the end. I should have taken that kind of approach to revealing my sexuality instead.
I don't think that would have worked for you. Tanner (if I can call you that? ) had the luxury of assuming that people would be OK with the revelation, and you didn't have that. You were stressing out about it and you wouldn't have been able to pull off such a thing because you would have been too terrified, and honestly if your horrible mother reacted that way, she was going to react that way no matter how you did it
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