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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
I think it should, but it needs to be regulated and controlled in an appropriate manner. Similar to how liqueor and tobacco is. 18 minimum age, possibly 21. On top of that, hemp has a billion practical uses that would provide a boon to a ton of industries. Plastics, petroleums, textiles, clothing, etc. A lot of budget shortfalls could be rectified in such a way.
That's exactly my thought on the matter. Unfortunately, a lot of lobbyist against marijuana are lobbying in favor of the companies who benefit from the illegality of marijuana, and because of that, I don't see marijuana becoming legal.

But before we focus on legalizing it for recreational purposes, I think we should focus more of our efforts on legalizing it for medical purposes everywhere. That seems like a more pressing issue, because the effects it has in the medical field are great, and yet people still don't approve of it becoming legal. I think it's mostly the stigma it's garnished as being a "gateway drug," which I think is ridiculous.

The issues against it are brought about by our corrupt society. Most people against it are against it for the wrong reasons while others are because of ignorance. The people with the immediate power are against it because of money. The fact that people are okay with tobacco and alcohol and against marijuana, which tobacco and alcohol are proven to be much more dangerous for the body is absurd.
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