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    Seeing as I played quite a bit of this over the last few days and I just woke up at 2am, I thought I may as well post an update of my now completed Emerald part.


    This was probably some of the tougher parts of the game, with Roxanne frustrating me with her Rock Tomb and Potions, whereas May was much easier because all her Pokemon were of similar level, but not on par with Nosepass. Brawly was pretty easy himself, with most damage taken throughout the double battle in his gym rather than against him.

    The game began to get much easier at this point because May went down the slowest of the three because Charmeleon didn't have a certain move at this point, whereas Wattson was OHKOd by Flamethrowers and Maxie by Dig.

    All of them were rather easy, mostly because Charizard had began to overlevel at this point, making the challenge a lot easier than early on.

    Once again, nothing could really hurt me, with the exception of Winona's Altaria using Dragon Dance, raising its speed to higher than Charizard's, then using Aerial Ace and getting a critical. Overall, easy battles.

    All proved to be stronger than most other trainers so far, but still provided little challenge bar Liza and Tate, but that was due to them being able to use Ancientpower from Claydol, which could only just survive a Flamethrower, allowing them to spam Hyper Potions on it.

    The Maxie double battle was the worst here, being unable to OHKO either Camerupt because Dig is too weak at this point, meaning they would manage to get a hit on Charizard. The other two however, were nothing to worry about.

    Wally and Sidney had their entire team wiped out by OHKOs, whereas Juan could take a hit with most of his Pokemon, but failed to do much damage anyway.

    Phoebe and Glacia were a piece of cake, but the dragon sailor guy definately was not. This was probably my hardest battle of the game because to deal damage, I was forced to use either an attack reduced Return or a not very effective Flamethrower, meaning most of his Pokemon could attack maybe two or three times before fainting.

    These guys probably fitted the positions of 2nd and 3rd hardest battles in the game, with both of them having Pokemon capable of enduring multiple Flamethrowers/Returns, and dishing out a lot of damage back.


    Well I finished the Hoenn part of the challenge with this beast and it was probably the easiest for most of the game, but the most challenging towards the end of it.