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Sovereign & Vera

Sovereign walked down the corridors, towards the gathering Sentinels, Vera at his side, completely unaware of the bizarre events that had just transpired. He had heard of Gold City from his father, many years before the start of the rebellion. He had expected so much more. But perhaps its current state was an extension of its new found residents.

Sovereign was glad to see that his only friend was in perfect health. One thing this place didn't lack was a good medical staff. Vera wasn't sure what to think. Upon exiting the infirmary, she had found Sovereign and Genevieve together alone. And yet... Sovereign was so quick to leave. Genevieve seemed quite outside her usually cool demeanor, as if something had rattled her. But now there was work to be done. There was no time to ponder the business of a manipulative harlot.

Upon arriving at the meeting place, they were surprised to find that the Sentinels had already departed without them. The two of them remained silent. It seemed there was nothing to discuss. And so the followed after the others, keeping pace to try and meet up before reaching their final destination...


"She didn't seem too willing to help you Erratt," said the figure in the darkness.

"Shut up Varren," said Erratt, as he looked through Sovereign's eyes, watching his progression, and keeping an eye on his biggest obstacle. "You should have let me have my fun Erratt. I can't remember the last time I had a good woman." His wicked smile pierced through the darkness. "She'd never help me if I had let you proceed you disgusting little whelp!"

"She will come around. You'll see..."