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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    She has a different team in the games than she does in the Anime. They could have still added her in and given her her Anime team like they did for the other 4. We'll also find out Kotetsu and Stephan's full roster which hasn't been shown in the Anime at all. Only a small portion of their teams have been shown.

    I don't think Bianca will make it very far and will probably lose to Stephan, Kotetsu, or Virgil.
    Bianca lost to Stephan/Stephen once, twice in the two Battle Club tournaments they have competed in. Their rivalry is understated, but significant. They're not like the "good vs. evil" contest rivalry between Dawn and Ursula (in all four times the two competed against each other, Dawn always prevails). And as I stated in my earlier long analysis of who will become champion, Stephen has already had his moment in the spotlight (well, in a way, twice).
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