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    After MUCH difficulty... I managed to finally get to Falkener's Gym. With Gastly being my primary and only(useable) Pokemon at this point, such a task would prove daunting. Not being able to affect "normal" types, the only effective move I could use in battle was "curse." After beating the first trainer and losing to the second, I realized that such a battle, at this point, was to be neigh on impossible. For that reason, I used my starter to actually get passed this part of the game... for progress's sake! I mean really.. there was no feasible way for me to go about defeating anymore than one Pokemon at a time.

    After I got the egg.... I deigned to accomplish the ardorous task of the hatching egg, as to acquire my second Pokemon. Hatching Togepi right before Slow Poke cave, I took the opportunity to level. I trained Gassy(my Ghastly), learning Night Shade... THANK GOD. Kreishawn(you guessed it, Togepi) also learned Metronome. Crushed through Bugsy and that's where I am!
    My Current Line-Up:

    || Gassy || Kreishawn ||
    || Lvl 24 || Lvl 12 ||
    || Lick / Hypnosis / Night Shade / Curse || Growl / Attract / Metronome / Move ||
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