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    Originally Posted by itman View Post
    New moves look amazing, as I have said before.

    R/B/Y were the best games made, and you're making the experience even better. I'm excited, aha.

    I know your an artist and I shouldn't be surprised, but this is the first time I've seen a few of your sprites ingame (since most hacks using them I'm assuming haven't been posted, or maybe I just haven't looked :x), and they look AMAZING.

    Good luck, I'll make sure to check here frequently.

    Question: As Giovanni isn't the gym leader anymore, will Viridian City's gym still be locked and such? Or even there in the first place? With that...annoying ledge in the way. >.>
    Actually I think the reason why the Pokemon sprites look so great is because of the battle backgrounds that were updated to match.

    As for Viridian City, I'll reveal this information:
    *The 5th Gym is located in Viridian City
    *Yes, it will be locked the first time you reach it, just like in Gen I. But unlike in Gen I, there will be a point where you will return to Viridian City mid-game for story reasons