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Heck I had fun with the first one hehe

Name: TrollShammy80
Game: Prestigious Platinum
Color: Brown
Ultimate: No

Started up Game
Picked Chimchar as starter....battled rival, Barry and won
Reached Sandgem town got some Poke'balls headed back toward home captured Starly and Pidgey gonna see who stays, decided on Pidgey
Resting at home Twinleaf Town

Level 9

Level 3

Proud MLP Fan/NCIS/Ghost Hunters/Ghost Adventures/CSI and many others
RIP: Step Mom 7/17/53-7/2/13
RIP: Uncle Jesse ???-1/3/2014
"I do breed for IVs/Ev's...but I always remember to have fun playing Pokemon"
"I always play for fun on my emulators and Y version only"
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