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Plains of Valkaria

Much distance was crossed in little time. The Ancients were efficient, Scar would give them that. They do not sleep. They hardly tire. They were the perfect soldiers with little to no downside. He assumed they would be slowed down by the army, but in the end they didn't have any trouble keeping up. By the end of the second day of travel, the army had marched to the rendezvous location, about a mile outside of the forest. As they approached, Scar signaled for the army to halt with a raise of his arm. One of the Kabutops in front screeched out loud, and the echo of the screech resonated through the army, and the ancients came to an abrupt halt. It was quiet, no one spoke among the Sentinels as they seemed to just wait. Eventually, a figure emerged across the plains, approaching the Sentinels. It was one who was familiar to Scar, in fact, to all of the Sentinels, except perhaps Sovereign, who wasn't technically one of "them". The figure had been allied with the Sentinels since the very beginning, as long back as Scar could remember. He never knew the Pokemon's name, nor did he ask, as Auron consistently said it wasn't important. Sometimes he wore a cloak when he traveled to meet the Sentinels and other times he was in the open. Again, none of the Sentinels asked of him such questions or reasons. They simply knew that he was one of them, despite gaining the allegiance of the other side. In this particular case, he was in a cloak, traveling to the front of the army towards the Sentinels. He stopped a meter from them, eyed them.

"Right, you're here." He said, turning and beginning to walk towards the forest. "Come on. We're going inside."

Scar did not move. "Wait, why don't we just burn out the forest from the outside? It would be much easier."

"Burning it won't work. Many have tried before to get rid of it that way, and not just the Silver Tribe, but the Gold Tribe before that. We have to destroy them from their source, the Thieves Village. Besides, we have to ensure that Roswell dies. Have the bulk of your army patrol the edges of the forest in case any try to run. We'll come at them with a smaller force of stronger Ancients, including you Sentinels. I'll lead you inside."

As he continued to walk, Scar still remained skeptical of the plan, and stayed still for a moment longer. He looked back and saw that Scar did not move, and spoke once more. "This order comes from Auron. You don't want to disobey him, do you?"

At those words, Scar began to follow the cloaked Pokemon into the forest. The Inferno and a smaller battalion of Ancients followed suit, while the others began to enclose the forest's edge from the outside.

"Any particular plan once we reach the village?" Scar asked.

"I am only taking you there. You can decide among yourselves how to approach the objective from there. As long as they die, it won't matter."

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