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Fester took a deep breath, "Rose are you ready?" as fearful as she looked, a simple nod gave his answer. The boss's health bar withered away as players made their assault. The monster began swing much to fast to do the same thing they did before, and Fester was thinking hard about how to get some of their hits in. He looked around, "Rose I need you to be ready, there is little room for error."

"What is your plan? Run up and attack?" She joked, assuming he wouldn't be that crazy.

"Yea why not, I'll take a chance. If I die I'll just respawn anyways." He had no humor to his tone, dead serious. The monster continued on attacking the players. Fester watched as it neared a wall, he activated his spread skill and ran toward the wall. He jumped up as he neared it and pushed off of it with his legs. He then quickly turned in the air to grab on the monstrosity's shoulders. He scrambled up the monster's back and substituted for Rose.

Rose lifted her sword, "Sword Skill Vertical Slash!" She swung downward with her sword glowing. She made contact with the mob's skull, landing the final blow. The creature began to dissolve in code, right under her feet. She fell to the ground below, taking more falling damage. Fester ran up to her, pride on his face, "It seems you did get the last hit after all! We should celebrate in the starting city with a grand feast!" Rose was relieved it was over, and the rewards and experience she received was more than satisfying. She especially felt glad to see Fester, though she really didn't know why. Maybe she was having feelings for him.

"Yea, a feast." She said, taking another health potion. She was astonished to realize that the ones she had so many of she had out leveled, much to her surprise, "Thanks for helping me." There was something on her mind, "But now that you know I am a player, are you still going to help me?"

"Well what is the point of a two player game if neither player helps each other? That would be quiet silly if you ask me." He smiled, "Anyways, your are no longer a hindrance to my progress! And you will be able to carry my stuff when my inventory fills, and you can eat all of the food I cook so none goes to waste!" Fester may not of had the same feeling for Rose as she did for him, but he did care for her and that is all Rose knew she needed right now.

As the bosses limp body faded away from the dungeon floor, players rejoiced. An eerie light filled the dank and dark room, a giant, round portal forming on the far side of the room.

A quick shot of light flew at the victorious Rose, adding a new item to her inventory.
Silverlight [One-handed Sword] - A thin sword made of a highly reflective metal, at the right angle it can dazzle the foe, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

The guilds and warriors of Aincrad have pushed even further in to the floors, clearing floor 6 and 7 with ease - however, with so many players crammed in to less than a dozen floors, resources are starting to run low.

Those that specialise in Cooking, Forgery and Alchemy have become in high demand - but even they need ingredients for their recipes.


Priority Missions:
  1. Gather resources or goods for the markets on floor 8.
  2. Assist the front-liners in the Floor 8 Dungeon.
Current Dungeon: 8
Recruiting Guilds: Black Cats, Knights of Blood, Fuurinkazan [Joining a Guild requires lv 10]


New Floors:
(Monster details and specific areas up to players, as long as they coincide with the general description)
6. Circleshore A floor of relatively tranquility, the floor is comprised mainly of a huge, plentiful, fishing lake, bordered by a sandy beach. Most of the monsters on this floor are coast dwelling and not very aggressive - the safe zone on this floor is relatively small, just a small courtyard around the portal area. Floor 6's Dungeon was found in a small coastal cave, and was cleared by only a small group. [Recommended level: 10-15]
Monster List: Spiral Crabs [Glorious Shell], Stony Fish [Weak Poison], Cave Bat [Small Fangs].
7. Kansas With the portal situated outside a huge farm house, with stables and paddocks as well, many rural players arrive in Kansas mistaking it for home - however, lurking in the crops are some vicious monsters who won't let their prey get away. Floor 7's Dungeon was cleared by The Knights of Blood, no other players found the dungeon, even after clearing. [Recommended level: 13-20]
Monster List: Corn Crow [Bird Meat], Fanged Chameleon [Glowing Powder], Rapid Hound [Tuft of Mangy Fur].
8. Dovren Situated on the edge of a steep cliff, Dovren is the heart of trade in the first dozen floors. With an extensive marketplace and plenty of vendors to buy and sell goods to it's the perfect stop off for a budding entrepreneur. Most of the areas around the safe-town are regulated by members of guilds - who make sure that the monster populations stay far away from the town and the path to the dungeon - which is set in the cliffside below the town. The path along the cliff's edge is narrow, but thanks to the guilds there is little interference from monsters. [Recommended level: 16-21]
Monster List: Blind Beetle [Hard Shell], Black Rat [Dirty Fur], Spore-Beast [Mild Poison] (Causes poison).
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