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Ok. Thanks for the help.
I now started training Emboar again. Defeated the Elite 4 and did some of the post-game events already. Wasn't really hard.

Emboar now knows Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Flare Blitz and Flamethrower. I am thinking to replace Flamethrower with either Bulk Up or Flame Charge.
Flame Charge to cover up the speed lowering effect that Hammer Arm has. Bulk Up to just bulking Emboar up, so he won't need speed at all.

EDIT: I am now thinking about learning him Thunder Punch to defeat two of his weaknesses and it won't have recoil damage like Wild Charge

My Team
Emboar, 63, Rash
Hammer Arm
Flare Blitz

Electivire, 72, Timid
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch

Dragonite, 74, Brave
Dragon Claw
Flamethrower (will be replaced)
Dragon Dance
Aerial Ace

Excadrill, 73, Bashful
Rock Slide
Swords Dance

Zoroark, 73, Hasty
Night Daze
Night Slash