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Originally Posted by Zet View Post
There would have been a few fallout shelters since not everyone in the world lived where The Lich bomb went off

Also someone posted this one another forum I go to: (it's a big image)

I don't know who made it though.
I don't think Finn and Susan are the only un-mutated humans in Ooo. But...if humans outside of shelters got mutated, does that mean Choose Bruce is actually Choose GOOSE?! And how the glob did humans survive when the world was frozen for a bunch of boring years, that reverted the future to some rural village area? Was there like two humans that didn't get frozen, and they kept on making babies? And if the fallout shelters existed, shouldn't there be more than one Beautopia? *_* I'm overthinking this.

By the way, Zet, Love that picture! Kind of makes it sadder that Simon went crazy.
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