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Fester and Rose (After the Fight)
"Aww, a one handed sword!" Rose kicked at the dirt, "I wanted a two handed sword." She held the sword out for Fester, "I can't use this, and I sorta owe you."

Fester looked down at the sword, his eyes widened, "It is so shiny! Look at it Rose!" He took the sword excitedly, He turned the sword about admiring it. "Lets get out of here, I hardly know what all this guild fuss is about, you think it is some kind of event?" They walked out as various people were chatting about guilds and progress. "In either event, I'd like to take a break!"

"You want to take a break? I thought you were a tireless monster slayer!" Rose said sarcastically.

Fester laughed cheerfully, "You really think that? Well I am only human, and we can let the NPCs clear the next few floors for sure." They entered the portal, "Back to floor one!"

Two weeks later
Fester and Rose sat around a cooking fire, they had helped on floor 7, though the extent was only a few levels. Fester had achieved level 16, while Rose managed a 15. "I must say you are leveling much faster than I am." Fester said confusedly.

"I actually do the quests, you only do the ones that share credit." Rose explained.

"Look, my job is not to pick flowers for some doctor! I am a slayer of monsters!" He took a bit of his [Spiced bird Meat], "These new monsters taste delicious!"

"Hey Fester who is that?" A boy wearing a red cape with golden eyes walked by. "Why do you think he has golden eyes? And that scar on his arm?"

"I really can't say, though why not greet him? He doesn't look busy."
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