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Innis Lordis

"P-partner!?" Innis exclaimed, shocked.

"Yes, a partner is required to embark on missions." Said the middle-aged, surely gentleman that was her guidance counselor. "If you do not have the former, you cannot take part in the latter," he said. "Didn't you listen the head guidance counselor's lecture?"

"...I trekked here from miles away on foot, I didn't exactly have a means to get here in a timely manner." Innis replied with a pissed off look on her face. "...Well what am I supposed to do now!?" The counselor did not respond to her or even look at her, he simply looked at his computer, typing and clicking the mouse. Then, he seemed to say "Oh" under his breath and looked back up at Innis.

"It appears that you already have a partner lined up." He turned his eyes to the right for a moment and noticed a silhouette at the glass door. "Ah, it seems that she's here right now."

The door slid open to reveal something of a perky school girl, and that's all it took to piss Innis off even more. "Hey, what's up!" The girl said as she dashed towards Innis, then sported a salute. "I'm Ninsix! You must be Ms.Lordis, right?" Innis simply looked at Ninsix with spite and then turned to the counselor again.

"Please tell me there's a mission for me, I know that's what you guys do here."

"Actually, I have to give you your supplies and-"

"Send it to my room," She interuppted coldly. "I want to get away from this imp as quickly as possible."

"Um...well the missions are for both you and yo...your..." He stopped as his eyes met with Innis's piercing gaze and he noticed her hand on her sheathe. He cleared his throat and started again, "You'll be sent off to Paris to look for an escaped conflict, his name is-"

"Tell this Kindergarten escapee, I'm heading out." With that, Innis darted out of the room to distance herself from the annoyingly cheerful person that was to be her partner.
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