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    Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
    I don't care about what you put as starters, I just hope that this project is successful! (I found your old Emerald Legacy thread[credits to Rick1234's signature lol], and none of those downloads worked. Are you starting from scratch or are you building off of Emerald Legacy?)
    Good luck!
    Firstly , it used to be called Emerald Legend (But it doesn't really matter what you call it because that name isn't used any more).
    Secondly, this game is worked from Emerald Legend but so many changes were made I might have been better-off starting from scratch to be honest, but to answer the question, no, its not from scratch, its continued from E.M, but there is no download link.

    Hopefully, with enough progress and whatnot, I should have a demo out by the end of this month.

    Also the first post has been updated with up-to-date screenshots.
    Lastly, here is a new screenshot for everyone (NOTE: Not completely finished and it IS real):
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