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    Chapter 1 (Part 1) - James Jones

    Littleroot Town

    James Jones dashed into Littleroot Town, screaming, "I'm going to be late! No!". Now, who was this strange individual? He was a small, 16 year old teenager from Kanto, who had been invited to Professor Birch's Lab to receive his very own Pokemon. He had wanted one since he was a toddler - he used to think that they were aliens from the galaxy of "Hongjiang" in the Milky Way - they were just so extraordinary, some were strong and powerful, some were small and cute. Some Pokemon shaped the universe that we lived in today.

    Bolting to the Professor's Lab like lightning, James fell straight through the wooden door head first, causing commotion inside. He had knocked a young lady carrying a tray of Pokeballs towards a large, ornate table in the centre of the room.

    "Oooooooops ..." James murmured, "I'm so, so sorry!" He politely helped pick up the Pokeballs strewn across the floor.

    "And who might you be?" a voice from the back of the Lab said, making James jump.

    "I'm James Jones, where are you?" he questioned.

    The voice suddenly jumped from the shadows at the back, making James jump once more. "I'm here!" he grinned. "I was wondering when you would show up, many of the other people I had invited came days ago. Anyway, I'm Professor Birch, the Pokemon Professor of Hoenn! And you are James, as you've already said ... I presume you've came for your Pokemon?"

    "Of course!" James exclaimed. "I've already decided which of them I want, and I know that me and that Pokemon will be friends for life! May I collect it now?"

    "Yes, yes!" he pointed over there. "Over there is the partner that will accompany you for your journey, choose wisely."

    James walked over to the Pokeball, realizing there was only two left. He already knew which one he wanted, so he grasped the one labelled "TORCHIC". He thrust into the air with glee, and laughed, "I chose Torchic!"

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