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    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Today I've got a nice little surprise for you all: Decapitalization! I tried to keep it as consistent with the 5th Gen games as possible. In other words, most things will be lowercase now, but things such as menu choices and specific item pockets will still be in caps.

    Also, I've decided to release a "complete" version of the hack. It more than simply combines all five patches into one, though: it also decapitalizes text introduced only in the other patches. In other words, patching all five into one won't result in the same thing as this patch. However, given the method of patching, this is best I can do for now. I hope to make things more efficient for you all in the future.

    Everything else is just small fixes. Every one of those adds up in the end, though!

    EDIT: I forgot to merge a change from the GB Player patch. The new version of it, along with the new "complete" patch, can be found in the new download. Redownload it if you got it previously!

    • Created a "complete" version of the hack unobtainable through patching all five patches separately. The only exclusivities are decapitalization of text found only in separate patches.

    • First (and hopefully, only) release. It's currently separate from the Extras patch because of how it interacts with the other patches.
    • It only affects text in the original FireRed ROM. If someone reminds me, I'll post it in the Resources thread later in time.

    • Changed GREEN and CHARINE to BLUE and JANINE (yeah, caps...).
    • Fixed typos in the original ROM. For some reason, STICKERS was spelled as
    • Made type references and use of apostrophes more consistent.

    GB Player
    • Fixed triangle wave sustain for trainer battle music.

    Catch 'em All
    • Fixed context error in dialogue during the 3rd Starter event.

    • Fixed male player icon map bug.

    Enjoy the new version, and have a Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. readers!
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