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Originally Posted by ZetaZaku View Post
I'm a bit skeptical about this movie, since well..I kinda wasn't the fan of the previous movies, and DBZ really has quite a lot movies. Worst thing is that it's set in my least favorite time frame, where ALL non-Saiyajin characters were degraded to nothing. Even Krilin (since Yamucha and Tenshinhan became nothing at the very start of DBZ, even though they're more interesting than some Saiyajin characters).
But...that's pretty much any movie after The Tree of Might, that's a pretty large timeframe. They might as well just make another Dragon Ball movie rather than a Dragon Ball Z one to suit that (which is rather difficult, as it's made clear that Goku didn't have contact with most of the Dragon Ball cast during the years that followed his marriage). I'm pretty sure they're making this to add on to DBZ canon in the years that followed since fans find it fascinating to see "the lives after" of the characters and how they would face conflict after years of peace.

Though, I've always been fond of the idea of an alternate timeline (because DBZ LOVES "What ifs") where something happened to Raditz's scouter and rather than Vegeta and Nappa showing up, the events of Tree of Might unfolded (seeing that that movie takes place based on the idea that Vegeta and Nappa never come to Earth, but Goku still dies) and it went on from there. It's a normal fan idea, which is ironic due to my keeping away from fan-fiction, but I wouldn't mind a series like that. It would force the writers to use the original cast to their full potential without making them underpowered (the game "Attack of the Saiyans" managed this rather well), and it would be a popular idea. Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, and other characters really aren't that weak, they're just weaker than the Saiyans and Piccolo and they are interesting.

Still, I am quite the fan of the characters introduced due to the events of Z, but if they were to make a film involving the original cast I'd really like to see a Dragon Ball movie, mainly because there were only 4 of those and all of them were "What ifs", though they were good (especially Path to Power).
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