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Originally Posted by gossamer View Post
I've never played any, and I feel I should.
What do you think guys, should I give them a go soon? ^^

thank you x
This thread was moved... this was about Metroid, right?

If so, then I'd recommend Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid Prime.

Zero Mission is an enhanced remake for the GBA of the original NES game. Aside from the visual and audio overhaul, the gameplay and control has been enhanced and tightened and it plays more like Super Metroid - which Metroid fans absolutely adore. It's the first entry in the series story-wise, so if you care about that that's a plus too, even if the plots aren't too heavy or connected among all the games. Has some extra areas not in the original NES game too.

Metroid Prime is both the second game in the progression of the overall story and the first entry in the Prime subseries. It is without question a masterpiece and one of the best games from its generation. If you can, play the Wii version because you can aim with the Wiimote.

With those two titles you have very solid repersentations of both the 2D and 3D Metroid games
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