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Heeeya Carl, welcome to PC. :D No worries if you're new, you'll learn the ropes quickly after a while. There's plenty of people you can contact for assistance, including myself, so do drop off a message anytime (which you can do by clicking my username and then sending a message). You're definitely not the only newer fan here, since PC has a ton of different kinds of people. I've been into Pokemon since I was 8, but some others never got into it until the fourth or fifth generation. Pretty diverse forum, so fitting in won't be an issue. n n

Have you tried Black 2 or White 2 yet? I was hooked on those for a while, they're huge upgrades from B/W in my opinion. At least story-wise, hehe. Since you've played through B/W, you might enjoy the Black & White section here on PC! Though the older games were very good too regardless of how different the graphics look compared to now, so it's cool to hear you'll be trying 'em out. Helps you see just how much the franchise has grown over time. :3

Anyway, you can find the rules by clicking here or by clicking "rules" at the upper navigation. They're pretty important to follow so you understand how the community works and all. Enjoy your stay here and remember that I'm always open to help you out if you're confused, so never hesitate to send me a message. <3

Enjoy your stay!

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