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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
This is sounding really confusing... xD I love how you've taken elements from lots of different areas, it's a really cool idea so far, I just hope it's a bit easier to follow when it's finished haha. A medieval-style Pokémon roleplay sounds awesome though, I'd certainly be interested in that!
Yeah, I probably won't implement the capture quotas and classes... The story is pretty in-depth as it is, but it's not too confusing; You're basically a knight/soldier/archer/whatever who happens to live in a world with Pokemon You travel the continent, just doing what heroes generally do, thwarting ancient evils etc. - a day in the life! There's also a big backstory about the war that's going on, several minor antagonists, legends surrounding Arceus and the creation trio... It could fail horribly, but who knows? Maybe the accumulation of brain spray that exploded all over my computer could form a cohesive plot :D I'd love for you to check it out when it's up; look for "Pokémon: Aether's Edge"