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    Jari Hernandez

    #2: The Influence of Anger and The League’s Entrance Forms and Exams

    “Alright, next thing. First, solidify the magma, like you did before.”
    “H-here?! Um, okay....” Jari moved the magma with his mind. It thickened slightly before falling back down on the ground with a sizzle.
    “Huh. Of course I would get the dumb one.”
    “Well, my friend got a smart human kid, but no, of course I get the one with no brains.”
    When it said that, the next actions were impulsory.
    “Well then, I’ll show you who’s the boss!” Jari stuck his hand in the magma. As it solidified around his hand, his fist was made out of the stuff. Jari, with his fuse blown, threw a solid punch- but it never made contact. Time seemed to stop all at once.
    “I like your determination kid, but this is my realm, not yours. Good thing you finally figured it out, but I never thought of making a fist of rock before. Nice! Now, down you go.” Jari slumped to the ground. He remembered the setting. Cavern. Magma.
    “Now seeing that your powers are activated when you’re angry, what makes you stressed?”
    “Well, I, uhh-”
    “Damn it! Why now! Kid, times up. Gotta leave.”

    Jari woke up on a bed of leaves in a firelit cave. What did make him angry...? He then pondered about what he was supposed to do today. “So... where was I? Oh, right. Blaze! It’s time for the test!” After a training exercise to which Blaze took no resentment, the pair walked towards the admissions test. As the Monferno took a snooze in a PokeBall (Jari felt that it needed more rest to be ready) Jari began to fill out the form. At some points he had to ask about how he was homeless, and how he had no mailbox, etc. It wasn’t simple, but he filled it out after a while. The written tests were extremely simple, at least for him. Many other people were banging their heads on whether Ice type moves were super effective on Dragon type Pokemon. However, it was when it came to battling when he began to have a challenge.

    “The battling tests begin... NOW!” the announcer boomed over a loudspeaker. Everyone was given a slip numbered 1-20, and Jari got 20. “The way the test is organized is that each person that has a certain number (for example, the number one) will be pitted against a League Certified trainer. Every person with the same number will be paired with the same trainer. For example, every one with the number 1 will battle the same trainer. All number ones will go first, and then twos, and so on until we end with twenty. Each set of numbers will take about half an hour. For those of you with high numbers, you may come later. Refer to the chart near the entrance to know when you must come. If you miss the entire session, you will have to wait for another few months until the next sign up. After this, we shall make your Trainer Cards. To be fair, number 20s will get their Trainer Cards first. For your information before your battle, all matches will be one on one.”

    Jari was scheduled for 10pm that evening. He didn’t want to miss, so he went out for lunch and came back chomping on a 1/2 pound burger. He watched the battle intently, and then noticed it was the same idiot from yesterday. Jari watched the intense battle continue while the burger in his hand was devoured.

    The announcer’s voice boomed. “Mike, the ace from Honolulu!” Fangirls swooned all over the place. “Versus Chan, the challenger from China!” Even more fangirls. “Let the battle begin!”
    “Ni hao, Mike!” Chan said smoothly.
    “Don’t get cocky...” said Mike. As the battle began, he sent out a Pikachu. Jari felt like the Pikachu was getting too much praise from the people around him.
    “Go, my Pokemon! Excadrill!” Jari saw Mike wince as the Pokemon came out of its PokeBall.
    “Pikachu, Iron Tail!” The move did very little damage.
    “Excadrill! Fissure!” Chan’s Excadrill used that one move and the match was over as soon as Pikachu collapsed from the attack. The referee raised a flag. The announcer did his job and gave the victory to Chan. As Mike left, Chan offered his hand. Mike ignored it angrily and stomped away.

    ---About nine hours later---

    Jari held his PokeBall as he jumped down from the bleachers. His named had been called, and he was ready. He had noticed what had gone on, and he was scheduled to go against Beth, a woman who had mostly electric Pokemon. She was using a Magnemite. Jari was sure it would go down easily. Then again... others hadn’t fared very well. She had only revealed three moves- Supersonic, Magnet Bomb, and Thundershock. What was the fourth one...?

    Jari got up and took his Pokemon out. How would he fare? As the Electric type lover waved to her fans, Jari began to get extremely nervous. He clenched the PokeBall even tighter. It was time.

    “Hello, I am Beth. Will you bless me with a good battle?” The woman gave an innocent smile.
    “You better believe it!” With a wicked grin, Jari listened to the announcer giving the battle its opening statements. Then, a bell rang throughout. As Jari took out Blaze, the Magnemite stared intently with its one eye.
    “Let’s hit em’ hard, Blaze! Blaze Kick!” The monkey jumped high in the air and landed with a kick cloaked in flames. As the Magnemite was hit, Jari spotted Beth. She had something up her sleeve.
    “Now, Magnemite! Supersonic!” The fire monkey spun in a daze. “And now, use Electroweb!” Jari’s eyes widened. That was impossible! As Blaze was stuck in the electric web, the Magnemite began a barrage of Magnet Bombs. Jari knew that this wasn’t fair. Beth waved her hand dismissively. “Move Tutor, hun.”
    Jari was pissed. He threw his Pokemon a Persim Berry. “Blaze Kick on the web! Hurry!” As Blaze snapped out of it, he used the move and tore through the web. However, Blaze had been hurt a lot my the Magnet Bombs. “Now, Blaze, use Ember!” As the flame engulfed the small robotic creature, Blaze was recovering slowly from the damage he had sustained.
    “Use Thundershock, Magnemite!”
    “No! Blaze, use Mach Punch and finish the job!” The Magnemite was hit extremely quickly, and was never able to finish its attack. The announcer gladly gave the win to Jari.

    ---That night---
    “Kid, you haven’t figured it out?”
    “Well, actually, no...”
    “You freaking idiot!”
    “Oh hell-”
    “Yep, my hunch was right.”
    “You get pissed when people act better than you or outsmart you. Or when you’re called an idiot or something like that.” The red lizard scratched his head. “Use that to your advantage.”
    “Well what are we learning today, boss?”
    “Well my name is actually- oh wait, times UP, KID!”

    ---That morning---

    Jari woke up and went to his grandmother’s house.
    “Mama, have you seen the mail?”
    “No, get it yourself!”
    “Fine.” Jari opened the mailbox and retrieved the mail. A blue card slipped out of the mail. Jari picked it up and squinted. Was it really here...? He changed clothes with those that he kept over and his grandmother’s place and loaded a book bag with supplies. The T-shirt and the cargo shirts were perfect, and his sunglasses were kept on top of his black hair at an angle. Perfect.

    “Bye Mama! I’m going to travel the world!” He flashed the Trainer Card. Mama smiled.
    “Ok, just don’t kill yourself!”
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