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Kale and Clare
"Thanks dude, it is so taxing though, I can't use it every day with my current cardio level." He held up the robotic arm hung in a sling, "This thing is so helpful. It is like a portable Clare."

"Hey!" Kale laughed as Clare retorted, "My job isn't to just help you!" Clare sighed, "Though it is my debt, considering that's all you and your parents did for me."

"Well I hardly care if it is your job or not, it certainly isn't your debt." Kale was livening up slowly, "Anyways why did you invite them?" Kale said, pointing to the others, "Not that I don't enjoy company, but I don't really have a cast to sign. Just this arm, and I need that to be fre of graffiti."

"Well I was going to ask if you two wanted to be in a group with Me and Kale. I heard some other students talking about it, and really all it is, is that 3 pairs of students make a group to do harder missions." Clare had thought it out, and these were the only two other student pairs she knew, "There's also squads for three groups, but that is for elite groups who do excellently." She looked at Kale, "Is that okay with you?"

"Well you put me on the spot Clare, though I don't need time to think of an approval to this."
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