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Hi Carl <3, welcome to PC! Don't worry if you're biting your fingernails (not literally) about being here, I assure you we're a friendly and fun forum n_n. Everyone has that feeling when they first come,unfamiliar with anything but over time that fear will almost instantly disappear.

So you like Scrafty huh :3? Can I ask what you like about it? Cool design,great battler,pretty much anything about it. I like Honchkrow, it's a dark,mysterious but sleek Pokemon. But you don't have to answer these questions of course n_n. It's entirely up to you.

So you first games was Black? Haha I think that was my fourth game, it's really fun ain't it :3? I find its sequel Black/White2 even more fun, the storyline, everything about it is great! But yeah, Black's an addicting game isn't it :3? If you want to talk about it just go to the Black/White Section. There's some great topics and discussions there,you might be interested :D.

It's great you want to play the older games, I've always wanted to have a shot at Crystal,see what gaming was like back then :3.But yeah,Carl don't be nervous. If anyone is bothering you,or you want some help just talk to a staff member they'll help you out :D. I promise,they're really friendly n_n.

I'm Rainbow by the way, I'd be happy to chat so feel free to say hi! I promise I don't bite and I'll keep that promise.Well have fun and I'll see you around Carl :D!
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