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    Name: Jun Xiao (June zh-ow)
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is of Chinese ethnicity, and stands at about 5'5. Her black hair reaches her shoulders, and is rather greasy and untamed. She is a very slender woman as well, so the lack of food made her look gaunt. Her outfit consists of a tattered white button-up shirt with a red skirt, that is tattered as well. The pantyhose she was wearing is riddled with tears, but she keeps it on to help shield herself from scratches. She carries a backpack filled with all of the medical supplies she could salvage. She wears a surgical mask around her neck in case she encounters a bloody battle. Jun is equipped with a scalpel and a bone saw.

    Quiet | Traumatic | Intelligent | Deadly
    Jun witnessed the disease happen first-hand, as a pokemon center nurse. After seeing so many people and pokemon alike die and become infected, she began to lose a grip of her old personality as a bubbly and fun woman. She is now very quiet, and does not hesitate to kill to save her own life. The only one she would risk her life for is Sun, her Clefairy who saved her life.

    History: Jun worked as a pokemon center nurse for her entire career. The Pokemon center she worked at wasn't visited often since it was around the outskirts of the city, so it was rather small. She had never had a different job, so nursing was all that she had known. Most would say she was great at her job and was a great person to be around. She was single because she felt like dating would get in the way of her career, so once the outbreak happened, she realized how alone she really was. All in her life was fine until pokemon that were sick were being brought to the pokemon center, and it was like nothing she had seen before. They were mindless and ravenous. At first the bites didn't infect humans, but eventually the disease mutated and began to infect humans, which caused a major outbreak especially in the crowded city she lived in (Saffron). She had to brutally slaughter some of the pokemon center staff(which wasn't too hard physically with the medical equipment like scalpels, but more mentally), who had all become infected, and all of the pokemon. She was almost killed while fighting her way out of the city, but Sun saved her with her Protect attack. After two weeks of travelling and beating down walkers, Jun has yet to think about the horrible deeds she had committed to escape the city.

    Pokemon: A Clefairy she had found in the center while fighting her way through walkers. The poor thing was immune to the disease with its magic guard ability, but was unable to fight off the walker-pokemon that were gnawing at her. She is riddled with injuries, so she is wrapped in bandages around her body and arms. Jun keeps the Clefairy as a companion and named her Sun.

    Moves: Protect, Pound, Gravity, Moonlight

    Opening Post:
    "Sun." A soft yet raspy voice spoke, breaking through the silence that had lasted hours, "We've made it." The woman didn't sound very happy, but she didn't sound unhappy either. She was a dry, emotionless thing. Behind her lay a large collection of buildings and houses that used to be called Saffron City. The disease had broken out and spread very quickly in the city, making Jun's job as a nurse near-impossible. After the disease got out of control, the Pokemon Center turned into a boarded up safe house where they managed to live undetected for a week or so. Soon, the place was broken into and overran with walkers, so the small framed woman did something that nobody expected her to be capable of: She fought her way out of the Pokemon Center and into the infected city.

    When she had gotten into the streets, things were no better than inside the center, if not worse. Jun was so covered in blood that she fit in to the gruesome scene. The walkers that lined the streets didn't seem to recognize her as uninfected, so they seemed to let her pass by. She continued to walk for a few hours until she reached a safe spot between Saffron and Cerulean. She had decided to wash off her camouflage in a small pond, although it saved her she didn't want it to get into any open wounds. The route seemed to be empty of walkers, except in the distance a few dotted the horizon, but they wouldn't see her.

    The woman opened up the backpack she had thrown together before escaping. Inside were a few potions, some cans of food, bags of bandages and other medicines, and finally a bone saw. Jun managed to fight her way out using a large-ish scalpel, and didn't need the terrifying saw. Although she had no idea what to do with the saw, as no walker would stand still and let her saw its head off, but it might come in handy later. She looked back to the Scalpel and realized it had dulled and bent a rather large amount, making it utterly useless.

    Jun didn't know much about fighting, and wasn't very physically strong, so she was not able to overpower most walkers, which made her scalpel the most important tool she has. Without it, she has almost no chance of survival unless she can find another weapon. She hoped to find a car so she wouldn't need a weapon, as she could solve most of her problems by fleeing, but cars were rare to find, and the ones you did find had no gas, no tires, or missing parts.

    The one thing Jun feared as much as the walkers were bandits. Ruthless people whose minds have been twisted by this horrible event, giving them no remorse for others. Jun couldn't blame them though, as she would do the same if given the opportunity. She didn't have much to take, but if others were to see that her Clefairy- Sun, had the move protect and was immune, that might become a target.

    Sun had saved the nurse's life while she was trying to escape. The injured pokemon managed to generate enough power to use protect and shield her as they ran out of the crowded front room of the Pokemon Center. The attack wore off shortly after, but the fact that it was used is also the only other reason why Jun is still alive. She believes Sun was given to her by fate, and she was meant to survive. She was meant to do something important in this new world. At least that's what she liked to believe.

    Finally, the Clefairy who had been travelling with her stood up. The injuries she had received were pretty bad and she was unable to walk, and needed to be carried. Sun soon felt the tremendous pain from the bite wounds on her mid-section and legs, causing her to topple over. "Clefff!" She cried out, but was muffled by Jun. She sprayed a potion onto the pokemon's wounds and picked her back up, to continue along the road. "If we can find a pokeball, your injuries will heal much faster..." She thought aloud, as if the Clefairy knew where to find one. She didn't.
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