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Generally yeah its been about 4 years between gens and we have only been in this one half that, but if they want to start one by the end of near year they very well can so its not like the Saga is really over just the main Unova arc(depending on how they handle the league).

And Iris being Champ in BW2 has little to no bearing on what they do in the show. Iris not only just learned to control Dragonite, but she also lost to Drayden again. So I don't see here as Champ anytime soon, if anything Drayden mentioned her as Gym Leader(which will probably be the reason so won't be a continuing companion to whatever Region Ash goes to next). And if game Champs had any bearing Gary would be Champ since Blue was and Ash since Red beat Blue.

The way Ash team is made up I don't see him advancing too far. They seemed underdeveloped at this point. The only one that I see that could doing a lot if Krookodile which is from the sounds of it facing off against a Hydregion. If Ash had Emboar or evolved another one of his starters and than had Gigalith and Scrafty or Seismitoad then I may be a little more confident of his situation. But as his team stands its just so so.

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