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I'm hacking FR, I copied the Old Man script (I'm using PKSV) to block you if you don't have a Pokedex and changed it a tiny bit, compiled it and now the game freezes when I trigger it.

#org 0x88005DC
textcolor BLUE
msgbox 0x817DD03 ' I absolutely forbid ...
callstd MSG_NOCLOSE ' Non-closing message
applymovement PLAYER 0x8165B0E ' walk_left end
pauseevent 0x0

#org 0x817DD03
= I absolutely forbid you from\ngoing through here!\pThis is private property!

#org 0x8165B0E
M walk_left end

Are there any problems in the script?
Edit- If I set the variable number to the same as in the original FR/LG nothing happens when I trip it.