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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
Hey there, I'm so glad to see you posted an art gallery thread!

I really like the glow effect of Sunkern's Solarbeam. It really does look just like a beam of light, so you did a pretty great job on that. Love the apparent meaning behind your first two images, too. :D Your last image looks inspired by KiwiesRule over on DeviantART; I can see a few style similarities, here's hoping it's not just me being blind, hehe.

One thing I definitely recommend though is to try and work on more unique poses! Yours look a bit stiff and blocky as they are. I recommend Pose Emporium, it's a pretty great resource. n_n Good luck and please update soon~!

Why thank you Cirno on this, I know I've been pretty bad at the poses, but maybe using this pose-emporium, I can do better! And yes, the last one was inspired by KiwiesRuleXD. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

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