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    Thomas Elias Brown
    Time wasting.

    Thomas tapped his feet. Esper meowed gently up at him and flicked his tail boredly. The lady behind the counter was still rifling through the papers, which erked him even more. This is maddening! He had turned in the papers a month ago, where was his Trainer Card? He couldn't go anywhere without one, as he didn't have the funds to travel. So, here he was sitting in the Department of Trainer Services, trying to get his Trainer Card, and he was livid about having to wait for so long.

    "Espeon?" Esper said, looking at the door. Thomas blinked and looked over, having the oddest feeling of deja vu. He saw a slight red blur near the ground and sighed. Great, now he was imagining things... He continued staring for a moment.

    "Sir? Sir?" the lady said, sounding annoyed at him when he didn't react at first. Feh, she could wait. He'd been waiting for an hour already.

    "SIR!" she said angrily. Thomas snapped back to look at her.

    "What?" he said boredly.

    "It'll be $25 dollars." she said. Thomas rolled his eyes.

    "I got this waiver from school... Um..." he said, handing it over. Actually, he hadn't gotten it, he had stolen it. But that wasn't the point. He was going. The lady nodded and punched it in, then handed him the trainer card.

    "Your card is good for five years, then you need to renew it. With this card you are identified as a pokemon trainer world wide. That will allow you to travel to and through other countries without a passport, as long as you are accompanied by pokemon. Here are your pokeballs, and pokedex. Pokeballs allow you to catch pokemon, and the pokedex ives you more information on the pokemon we have recorded in it. We aplogize, but the pokedex is incomplete. You'll have to update it in the future. Good luck on your journey." the woman said. Thomas nodded and pocketed the dex.

    "Thanks. Bye." he said, walking out of the building. He smiled and pet Esper as a very old car pulled up. Great... Not this crap. His father stumbled out and advanced toward him. Esper hissed and stood in front of the boy.

    "What do YOU want?" Thomas said angrily. His father stopped and looked taken aback. Thomas rolled his eyes and rubbed his arm, his fingers passing over the glove.

    "I have nothing to say to you. Esper, Psychic. Get him out of my way." Thomas said. Esper meowed softly and refused to do it. Thomas felt a deep sorrow in his mind and sighed.

    "Son... Come with me... I'm sorry." the man said.

    "I'm not your son, remember?" Thomas spat bitterly and he walked past him, Esper trailing at his feet. His father stood there and let him pass. Thomas knew this would never change if he went back. Things would be the same, the cycle would continue. Someone had to break it. And Thomas was not going to look back. He was going to live his life, free from the past. He knew his future. He had to meet that strange creature in his dream.
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