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    Littleroot Town

    As the structures of Littleroot Town came into view, Jupe's heart thumped a little. It was the day he would get a pokemon, his own pokemon. The dream he had yearned from childhood was coming true finally. Without wasting anymore time, he jumped the ledges of Route 101 and dashed into the town.

    It wasn't at all what he had seen in his few hours in Hoenn. There were a few houses, and a large white building with glass doors. Not many people were outside, and all of them looked like lab assistants (at least by the clothes they were wearing). A sweet aroma was coming from one of the houses on the left, but without paying any attention to it, he headed into the lab.

    As he entered the lab, he collided with a boy of his age. A pokeball fell from the boy's hands, and rolled towards Jupe. It was labeled TORCHIC. Jupe returned his pokeball and said sorry. Jupe thought that he was another trainer invited by Professor Birch. "Professor Birch.. Oh no, he is waiting for me!", Jupe thought. Through the hall, he entered the only room and he was quite surprised. . .

    Instead of finding a man in lab coats, he found a man in olive shorts and blue t shirt.

    "Hello there.. Are you my new assistant?"

    "No. I'm Jupiter."

    "The planet? Bu.."

    "My name is Jupiter Collins. You invited me to your lab."

    "Oh yes. Now I remember. Jupiter Collins from Olivine City in Johto. I have heard you don't have a pokemon yet. Why don't you choose one from the tray? Many trainers, even one just a few minutes ago have chosen their partner.

    Jupe saw there were only two pokeballs in the tray. Without hesitation he picked up the one with MUDKIP.

    "Mudkip, I chose you!!!"

    Jupiter let Mudkip out. He seemed to have mild nature. Professor Birch said, "While you are at it, why don't you give him a nickname?"

    "Hmm.. nickname. How about Waterhorse?". Mudkip swayed his head in dislike.

    "Ok.. Aquaseas.". Mudkip waited for some moments then nodded.

    "Lets go Aquaseas.."

    "No wait for a moment.", the professor handed him 10 pokeballs and a strange object, "It is a Pokegear. It is a high tech encyclopedia that automatically records data on any pokemon you have seen or caught."

    "Thank you Professor. Thank you very much."

    "Take good care of Mudkip."

    "I will Professor." Jupiter left the lab with a big heart.

    Route 101

    After getting out of the lab, Jupe took a better look at Mudkip. Mudkip was still looking at him in a strange manner.

    "Hello there Aquaseas. My name is Jupiter. You can call me Jupe." The pokemon seemed quite unresponsive. "Hmm.. You are not used to me yet. Here, take this..", Jupe gave Aquaseas a berry. He sniffed it for a few times but didn't eat it.

    "Hello there Aquaseas. My name is Jupiter. You can call me Jupe." The pokemon seemed quite unresponsive. "Hmm.. You are not used to me yet. Here, take this..", Jupe gave Aquaseas a berry. He sniffed it for a few times but didn't eat it.

    "It is called a berry. These are really tasty", he took a bite of the berry, "See this, I too love berries." This seemed to have an effect on Mudkip, who first took a piece of it. Quickly his facial expression changed and he gulped the whole berry and looked at Jupe in a friendly manner.

    "You like it, don't you? Here have another one." Jupiter smiled seeing the bond between him and Aquaseas grow strong. In a few moments, they were walking in the grass of Route 101. Aquaseas was now quite fond of Jupe. The pair noticed a lone Lotad near the water. "Go Aquaseas, here's your chance.", he scans Aquaseas, "So you know Tackle, Sludge, and Protect. Use TACKLE!" Aquaseas charged towards the unsuspecting Lotad. It slammed onto it, and the big leaf pokemon rolled down. With great difficulty, it stood up, and immediately tackled the Mudkip. They continued tackling each other until Jupe ordered Aquaseas to use Sludge. It was very effective on the Lotad, which slowly dragged itself into the water. "You are getting on the groove, congratulations!"

    Jupe gave him another berry. Aquaseas jumped up and down seeing it, berry has turned into his favourite food. Suddenly he freezed and stared at a shrub. Jupe looked at the shrub Aquaseas was staring at. Two red eyes were visible in it, and suddenly a burst of flame hit the Mudkip. The assilant jumped out of the shrub, a Poochyena. "Oh no. It knows incinerate." Jupe said in a alarmed tone. Poochyena's attack didn't cause much damage to Aquaseas, but have completely destroyed the berry he was going to eat. Even though he was mild natured, he got incredibly angry seeing his going-to-be food destroyed. Without hesitation he pummeled onto the Poochyena with mad rage. It was thrown a few meters ahead and again Aquaseas charged ahead without giving the Poochyena time to recover. It bit the Mudkip's fin and Aquaseas cried in pain. He violently shook himself trying to get the Poochyena off. Finally he ran towards a tree and rammed the Poochyena on the trunk. Then Aquaseas constantly used Sludge until the wild Poochyena became drowsy and sedated with the poison. Jupe chucked a pokeball at it. . . . . .
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