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    I thought this would be an interesting subject. Each Unown represents a letter or one of two symbols (! and ?). They are unable to be caught legitimately at all in Unova. So to get one, you have to import them.

    Since most players don't typically have a use for all 28 Unown in Unova - particularly because they learn exactly one move - my question is what Unown did you or would you choose to import? This is kind of like a "what's your letter" deal, but one could have another reason for choosing an Unown; it looks the most like a Pokémon, or perhaps stands for the first letter in Pokémon, or maybe even the start of your real name or nickname.

    So...what Unown are you? What represents you alphabetically in Unova?


    (Note for moderators: I've placed this thread here because Unova is the only place Unown cannot be caught since their introduction in Gen. II. Thus, it doesn't fit General in terms of theme because they can be caught in those other games. This is strictly a perspective of what people used in Unova or would use as their Pokédex entry if they were to import one from another game, and is also a case of curiosity on my part.)
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