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Originally Posted by Mononoke Hime View Post
I wanna join, may I? :3

Seems like this is a serious club, where people respect each other and share experiences.
I saw it a few days ago, but I was thinking if I was going to join or not, and I've decided to join.
We're serious? Oh, you mean in that we're serious about being cool to everyone and open and that kind of thing. But yeah, we're not like so serious you should be afraid or anything. (This goes to anyone who is lurking, but afraid to post. C'mon, post.)

Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
You should start using it again once you get to college. It's college, there will be so many gay guys there you won't even be able to spit without hitting one. Grindr is your oyster :P

I really really want to make a lesbian version of Grindr, because I have an amazing name for it: Mufflr.
That has got to be the most tasteless things I've ever read this morning. I kid. You should go make that.

Alternately, you could call it Oystr.

Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
By all means go for it. I tend to be somewhat discrete with my real name for some reason, but once someone finds it out, fair game.

Yeah, I speculated my family was going to be fine with it. Me being a genderqueer at least (though as I look at it all I feel like I'm leaning more towards being an MtF Transgender), is a totally different story. It's been six years of questioning, and I'm not telling anyone that might slip it out until I feel sure. I have absolutely no idea on how my family would react to it.
I'm glad you're okay talking about it here even if you're keeping it to yourself with people you know in the real world. I only say this because if you do feel you're transgender there's a possibility you'll want to go through some physical changes and that's something you'd rather decide on sooner rather than later.

Originally Posted by TylerSymes View Post
I'm joining. I'm not sure if i'm Transsexual myself but I feel like it sometimes. I'm also not sure of what gender I like.
You've come to the right place. There's not much we can do to help you figure out who you are, but we can at least give you a place to talk about it if you'd like. If you're going through that wonderful/awful thing called puberty then there's a possibility you're just getting a feel for who you are, but then again you might fall somewhere into the genderqueer category if you feel that sometimes you're transsexual (by which I assume you mean that sometimes you feel female and sometimes male)