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    Wow, thank you all for the replys! It's great to know everyone here is so nice!
    Here goes my attempt at replying back to everyone.

    @Cirno - Thank you very much for the welcome, Cirno!

    I have not tried Black 2 and White 2 yet, but I plan on getting them soon enough! I've also been taking a look at the older games, and I'm currently trying to look for them somewhere where I can buy them, so far I've only found Pokémon Red... for a whoping $797 dollars... WELP, better keep looking. Best not give up! :D

    Also, thank you for sending me the link to the Forum rules; Believe it or not, I wasn't able to find them until now. Silly me. >.<

    @Harvey_Create Thank you very much! I sure will!

    @Hikari10 Thank you very much! The 5th Generation has that kind of... uh... I forgot the word. Oops. *facepalm* Well, basicly, I like it very much as well, haha! xD

    @~RNC~ Thank you very much! I'm already loving it!

    @Rainbow Arcanine Thank you very much!

    Well, Scrafty is one of my favorite Pokémon because he has (Like you already mentioned) a cool design, and he's a great battler. A load of Defence and Special Defence, and (With a tip from my friend), being able to learn Dragon Dance, it can really be helpful! Honchkrow is sort of Scrafty's opposite - Loads of Attack and Special Attack, but lowre Defences.

    Pokémon Black is a great, and addicting game, so far I have about 30 hours (I think, not too sure.) into the game, but I doubt I'd have the skills for competitive battling (I've read that in the Black and White section of the Forum). Maybe I'll get better in due time. :D

    @Mononoke Hime Thank you very much! From what I've seen already, everyone is really friendly!

    @MidnightShine Thank you very much! Most of my shyness is already gone, fortunatly.

    Well, I actually heard of older generations, but I made poor decisions NOT to try them out; I guess I just didn't have the money for it. :/

    Although, I am getting Black 2 (Or White 2) soon! The remakes may also be one of the answers I might be looking for when trying to play the older games; Like I mentioned on my reply to Cirno's post, the only game I've found so far was Pokémon Red, for $797 dollars, so I guess I'll have to go with the remake.

    Yes, I am a fan of Dark-type Pokémon, but also other Pokémon as well, like Ferrothorn and Galvantula. :D

    And uh... Sorry for the "Thank you" spams, I just couldn't help myself! n_n"

    Oh God This is scary
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