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I have four cards, I don't know if they'll be worth much or not, but that's why I'm here. I'll describe it the best I can.

1. Ursaring - 89/95 - HS Unleashed - It has a shiny star where the rarity symbol is, the outer edge, background behind Ursaring, and the name is Holo. Perfect Condition.

2. Gallade Lv.X - 106/111 - Platinum: Rising Rivals - It has Lucian's face on the lower right corner of Gallade's picture, has a black star as rarity symbol, the X in the name is gold. Perfect Condition.

3. Luxray Lv.X - 109/111 - Platinum: Rising Rivals - Volkner's face on lower right corner of picture, has a black star for rarity, the X is gold. Perfect Condition.

4. Giratina Lv.X - 124/127 - Platinum - The X is gold, the Outer edge, background behind Giratina, and Gold X is holo, shiny star for rarity. Perfect Condition.
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