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Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
It's funny how people are so adamant that there are no flaws to cannabis/marijuana, but I can search for it on, a journal archive of scientific papers, and immediately get the total opposite idea. Here's a random sample - old and new. Worth mentioning I didn't find a single article that reported no differences between control and cannabis groups.

Solowiji et al., 1991: (When given a task involving listening for sounds) "...Cannabis users' task performance was significantly worse than controls"

Wayne, 2001: "The most probable harms caused by cannabis use include: an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents; respiratory disease; dependence; adverse effects on adolescent development; and the exacerbation of psychosis."

Chuan-Yu, 2005: "...that cannabis dependence is more likely to occur when use begins during adolescence, and that the cannabis dependence syndrome includes a number of heritable untoward psychiatric side effects including withdrawal." <- Some people are more likely to become dependent on cannabis than others.

Cousjin et al., 2012: Smoking weed affects brain structure, both long term and short-term.

Buckner et al., 2012: Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a symptom of cannabis withdrawal.
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