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    Originally Posted by Dratizard View Post
    That could be a problem. I never find shinies. I might return to hunting when I get the Shining charm, but even then I would probably never get shinies.

    Congrats on all shinies and welcome to new members. It just hit me a few moments ago, that the old members keep leaving and new ones coming instead, and occasionally old ones returning.

    Anyway, what's the deal with the shiny Haxorus I keep hearing about?

    There is a free Interactable Shiny Haxorus you can get once you seen all 300 or so pokemon in the Unova Dex in Black 2 and White 2. You show your dex to Juniper and she will give you a ticket to the Nature Reserve. Go to the town with Skyla and go to the cargo building next to the runway and talk to the woman at the desk. Once you get to the Reserve,there is a Shiny Haxrus standing in the center of the grass area you can battle and catch at Level 50 or 60.
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