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    Name: Judai Inuzuka

    Age: 16

    Hometown: Cianwood City

    Bio: Judai was born and raised on the beach of Cianwood city. He received his first Pokemon, Poliwag, from the gym leader, Chuck. He then decided to leave his family behind and go on a journey through the Sinnoh region. He quickly defeated the gym leaders, but lost to the elite four. He returned to his home region in shame and decided to train before heading to another region.

    As he was training in the dragons den located in Blackthorn city, he got caught in a whirlpool. Unable to call for the help of his Pokemon he thought this was how he would die, that is until a mysterious Pokemon came from the depths of the waters in the den and helped him to escape the whirlpool. He later woke up from his air loss induced sleep and realized he was saved by a pokemon, but what pokemon ...

    He decided that he would Journey through Johto until he one day finds the mystical pokemon that saved him that day.

    Appearance: The person behind the Poliwrath

    Personality: Most of the time Judai is smiling, running around or talking. All of this is because of the fact that he is hyper. He has a love for adventure and Pokemon battles. He will go all out to train his pokemon and will even give his own live if it is needed to save his Pokemon. He usually goes through what other people would see as unnecessary steps to train his pokemon, for example he would race Big Spiral in tough streams just to make Big Spiral stronger.

    Pokemon: Poliwrath

    Name: Big Spiral

    Ability: Swift Swim

    Gender: Male

    Move set: Dynamic Punch
    Giga Impact

    Bio: As Judais first pokemon they always had a Special connection. During his time in Sinnoh Big Spiral helped Judai win most of his battles. He evolved into a Poliwhirl during Judais battle with Roark and evolved into a Poliwrath during Judais travels through Johto.

    Pokemon: Skorupi

    Name: Big Pinch

    Ability: Sniper

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Poison Fang
    Bug Bite

    Bio: Big Pinch was the first wild Pokemon Judai encountered in Sinnoh and the first he caught. Big Pinch won countless battles but never evolved. Judai continued to train Big Pinch through his Johto travels but he still didn't evolve.

    Pokemon: Kabutops

    Name: Slicer

    Ability: Battle Armor

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Ancient Power
    Aqua Jet
    Ice Beam

    Bio: Discovered as a fossil in Sinnoh by Judai in the Orreburgh mines, he was brought back to life as a Kabuto. At first he was confused as how the world had changed. Judai helped him get used to the world as it is now and he allowed Judai to capture him. During his training in Johto Kabuto evolved into a Kabutops while fighting against a wild Donphan.

    Pokemon: Rattata

    Name: Chews

    Ability: Guts

    Gender: Male

    Moveset: Grass Knot
    Hyper Fang

    Bio: Judai encountered Chews eating the food in his bag one morning in Johto. Seeing as the Rattata was hungry Judai fed him some more. The Rattata was thrilled and begged to join his team. Judai accepted him and he was caught. As his newest Pokemon he is also the least experienced.

    (I only gave him four Pokemon)

    RP Sample: From my Shadows of Deminyx Role Play on another Forum:

    I was on the Mountain of Might a few miles away from the city hunting when I heard footsteps . These footsteps weren't from the deer I was hunting it was from... Goblins. I rose my bow but I didn't expect them to come from the sky. The one struck a knife with Goblin poison in my foot. I felt the poisons effect flow threw my body. I fell to my knees but at least before I passed out I shot an arrow threw the head of a goblin in front of me causing him to die on impact.I awoke a few hours later in a cabin tied to a table. I saw across the room another human. I tried to call to him but my mouth was tied shut with what I hoped was rope ...
    Team Fail in Stocking Stuffer Challenge

    I will update it every time the team changes.


    All three are females
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