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    Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
    von Weltschmerz

    You replied to most of my references with 'find me proof'. That is proof, now you find otherwise - this is how things work. You can't just tell me that published scientists are incorrect because you don't believe it.

    Also, you have said that Alcohol causes dependency - however, just like Marijuana, there is no chemical element to alcohol dependency, it's all psychological. So your point it moot.
    In my entire argument... I asked twice for proof of your claims. IF that is "most of your references" then you have indeed a faulty set of references. But seeing as you provided 5 references and I asked for proof on PARTS of those... that is FAR LESS THAN "most" of them. It isn't that I don't believe it... it is that I have no proof. Simply posting a quote by them(scientist) from their research does not prove it. You can be published, without being right. If I cited a published scientist that said "SwiftSign is the biggest idiot on this planet" would that make it true? No. And the notion that because some research led to that claim(your actions in this thread) does not make it true. It is very bad debating skills to simply cite "references" and be done with it.

    If you didn't notice... I agreed with most of what your research provided for. The one thing that I disagreed with(dependency), if I could be bothered, has plenty of research in its favor. There is research supporting both claims, that is why we are having this debate in the first place. I didn't provide such references as it is not really my position to prove a negative. The statement that needs proof is "Weed creates dependency issues." NOT "Weed does not create dependency issues." The only way to prove the latter would to be list out every single incident... To prove the former... you would need to find the one instance where weed creates the dependency. Notice I said "where weed creates" not "where the mind creates."

    As for alcohol.. I don't know how it works exactly... but my friend's dad who is a sufferer of alcoholism decided to quit one day. Cold turkey. He was in the hospital shortly and the doctors told him that if he did not continue to drink and supply his body with alcohol, then he would die. That is the basis upon my claim.


    From Toujours post I've duduced this: Alcohol creates dependency by physically altering the brain so that alcohol is regarded as necessary to the function of the body. Marijuana, on the other hand, creates dependencies based upon one fact: people anticipate that smoking marijuana makes them feel better, less stressed etc. So they begin to think it is the only way to rationally deal with their problems. But they are wrong, and it isn't. That means that no matter how far gone they are, if you can convince them that there are other ways to go about it... then they can. With no adverse health affects. Unlike alcohol which, as I said, physically changes the brain, disallowing them to simply revert back to abstinence by choice; that part of their brain would have to be reshaped back into normality. Something I don't quite believe we have yet the capability of doing.
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