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Originally Posted by von Weltschmerz View Post
As for alcohol.. I don't know how it works exactly... but my friend's dad who is a sufferer of alcoholism decided to quit one day. Cold turkey. He was in the hospital shortly and the doctors told him that if he did not continue to drink and supply his body with alcohol, then he would die. That is the basis upon my claim.
And that is exactly what can happen with weed, as I showed in my references. You could easily search for those people yourself if you want more information - I'm not going to go buy the full article for you or spend hours fixing up links when you can't provide a single source yourself.

What is the point of debating if it's just your opinion the main evidence whilst not supplying any of your own other than 'I thinks'.

Considering you spent most of your post picking apart my use of 'most' it's fairly obvious you're bias. If my way of debating, as someone with a scientific degree, isn't good enough for you then I truly give up.

@Toujours We're talking about the route of dependency, not what the body does in withdrawal. Addiction can be psychological, causing the body to act with physical withdrawal symptoms - exactly right.

Edit @ Above: Lets throw some more opinion of your 'science' into it! That'll make it right! <cough>
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