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    I know this is a double post, but its been a bit since the last post, and I had an update, as well as a question for people.

    First off, I've announced on Skeetendo that I will be making some changes and updates to this for a release in December.

    Some minor updates will include:
    -Fix the bug with Mewtwo re-spawning each time you beat the Elite Four
    -Fix a bug with the legendary birds not properly closing the text-box after the battle
    -Fix a visual bug with Elm's Aid in Violet running down where there is no carpet to leave.
    -Changing some of the text that is still the same as the original game and was overlooked
    -Updating the remaining trainer sprites that are dressed inappropriately for the snow
    -Updating the Title Screen

    Some more notable changes will include:
    -Changing Trade Evolution Pokémon to evolve without trading
    -Completely changing the Trainer House in Viridian, so it will be fun and varied without needing to use Mystery Gift (which is impossible in emulators anyway)
    -Adding in a few new locations
    -Adding a new gameplay element (using an incense burner to attract wild Pokémon that aren't normally found in the area)
    -Changing a few of the events around that are still a little too close to original Gold

    The most notable change is:
    There will be two slightly different versions. One where you play as Hiro, and one where you play as Kris. The storyline will be the same, but there will be other differences to the Kris version.
    -Graphical changes to the bag and trainer card
    -Changes to the Rival encounters, since he needs to act like Hiro (naturally).
    -Changes to your room decorations and other minor things like that
    -Other changes might be implemented as well, depending on how time goes.

    Also, Luigi-San on Skeetendo has made another sprite for Kris. I want you guys to vote on which you like better.

    For easy comparison, blown up and side by side.

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