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I know you said you're not keen on DS games, but Black and White 2 are probably your best choices. They have a great variety in Pokemon you can catch as all 649 are possible in one way or another, you can wifi trade and battle with friends, they're appealing in visual and auditory aspects, and they're the most current. I understand that you'd rather play an older game, but when you skip out on so many games and want to start playing again, it really is best to start with the latest.

If you just really don't like the thought of playing a DS game though, I recommend Emerald. However, it's really difficult to get a hand on a legit cartridge. GBA carts, especially Pokemon, are often faked and hacked, which is also another reason I recommended B2W2 first since you can get those fresh in the box and not have to trust some seller on eBay.
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