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    Why not start from Pokemon Yellow? I personally think starting from the start of the Pokemon series would be a great idea, to know where it came from and what not. Fixing the battery is incredibly easy and all you have to do is just look it up on YouTube and it takes about 5 minutes to fix it once you get all the stuff (which is just a battery and electric tape.)

    You don't necessarily have to go through every single game, but you could if you wanted to. I'm doing that currently. But I do have to say Pokemon Black/White or Pokemon Black/White 2 are DEFIANTLY the best Pokemon games to date, in my opinion. You said you got bored after defeating the elite 4 which is 100% normal, most games don't have much after the elite 4. If that's the main problem I'd say either get Pokemon Silver/Gold or Crystal, you basically take on 2 regions and its an amazing game, or Pokemon Black/White 2.
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