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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    Totally fine, don't worry. JD already answered for me, but yeah, although the title says this is B2W2, I only did that since it can be for both BW and B2W2, though the latter is preferred and the former is still accepted.

    Hopefully I will have some time to play tonight and tomorrow, and I can give a nice update. I was away for the weekend and could have played but UGH I just couldn't be bothered much, honestly.
    Thanks very much you guys...I got the emulator working on other half's computer so I'll just have to do it there, *sighs in relief*
    started up my challenge once again hopefully this time no problems would be nice lol anyway

    Update 1-

    1-Picked up Snivy named her Taila (gasp I got girl...that's so rare for me)
    2-did the boring tour stuff with Bianca
    3-Genned in Spheal at level 5 named him Capella, and genned Snivy as Shiny I shouldn't I know, I just wanted to have a Shiny starter lol
    4-leveled em both on Route 19 and searched for Weedle...took a bit to find
    5-now in Floccesy Town after meeting Alder

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