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I'm Atheist. So I'm going to refrain myself from saying anything offensive:

God Isn't real. Oh and by the way, that's not offensive, it's an opinion.

Was he under the influence of drugs? I doubt it. Drugged people are delusional, and for someone in a coma, It also seems unlikely that he had any sort of interaction with anything.

If I remember correct, a patient in a coma is put on a drug that completely sedates the body and puts the brain in a temporary stasis (which it ultimately breaks out of) So therefore, he probably saw nothing but utter BLACKNESS for his 8 years of coma....ness.

@AChipOffTheOldBrock - You may also be right. Judging that he's a catholic/christian, he probably wants to fascinate the public by telling them a make-believe story and make millions. It's certainly a possibility, but of course Christians don't understand 'dishonesty'.

OH well. I won't bash any christian. Even though they'll probably bash me. Call me a sinner... make a fool of themselves. I don't buy it at all. I'll just sit here and see what I can come up with


So sleepy...
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