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    Originally Posted by thunderbyd1 View Post
    hey chaos i was a supporter in your ruby 649 and i supported you then and im supporting you even more now this looks like a hack thats just better then anything ive seen in awhile i will totaly download the first release when it comes out and oh my does that bulbasaur have Flare Blitz?
    Bulbasaur will not be learning Flare Blitz, that screenshot was taken so I could show off the animations I've been working on.

    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
    Just wondering When did you start working on this hack? You mapped up until Route 1 but added a bunch of new moves.
    It depends, actually. There are many aspects of this hack that were made/decided a long time ago, but there are certain things that were done recently.

    In it's current (and hopefully final) incarnation, I started working on it in late August. The first thing I did was to extend the move table, and I have added 113 new moves, all with new animations. I even repointed and extended the background table, and added a decent amount of new backgrounds, mostly for the new moves, but I've also used them to update animations for old moves, such as adding a background to Waterfall. Once I completed all the new moves working 100%, then I began doing completely new battle backgrounds, to mimic how they look in the 4th Gen games (although for the cave background I imitated the Black 2/White 2 cave background). I have a backup of up to that point, which I like to call the, "Pokémon Saga ROM Base".

    I completed the Pokémon Saga ROM Base in October, and I began working on Pokémon DarkViolet at that point (which, obviously, uses the Pokémon Saga ROM Base). So to answer your question, you could say I started working on it in August (when I started the ROM Base), or in October (when I finished the ROM base).

    However, there are so many aspects of this hack that were decided a looooong time ago, and this concept of the "perfect Kanto game" that I have has evolved significantly.

    Now, I don't want to write a wall of text, but I'm going to provide you with a history of how this whole concept started:

    October 2009 - "The True Pokémon Saga" It all started as my desire to create a modernized Kanto game, with actually hard Gym Leaders, and a redesigned Kanto to resemble HG/SS's Kanto. Once the thought of creating the perfect Kanto game came to mind, then I also realized I wanted to make the perfect Hoenn game, and the perfect Johto game, and the perfect Sinnoh game, which would make up what I call the, "Pokémon Saga".

    November 2009 - "Pokémon ShadowAmethyst" Then ideas kept forming, and I thought, "wouldn't it be cool if there was a Kanto game with a Battle Frontier and all that other Emerald stuff". And I realized I can't create the perfect Kanto game with a simple edit of FireRed, I would have to do it from scratch.

    January 2010 - "Pokémon Saga - Adventure" Still based off of Emerald with the same ideas in mind, but what caused this incarnation to fail is 1) lack of hacking knowledge, 2) I tried to copy the HG/SS maps EXACTLY, which caused some really huge maps. Moral of the story, don't copy 4th Gen maps EXACTLY, neither the tiles, because it would look stupid. (Also the name came from, I wanted the Kanto game to be called "Adventure", and the planned Hoenn game to be called "Chronicles". Silly, I know)

    July 2010 - "Pokémon Saga - DarkViolet" This incarnation saw the most progress - Cerulean City. The name was basically finalized (DarkViolet), and certain ideas were finalized, such as having two rivals, or proportionately shrinking the HG/SS maps so that the same amount of space is shown on a GBA screen in comparison to a DS screen. This incarnation failed because I realized I wanted to include 4th Gen Pokemon, particularly the ones that are related to Gen I Pokemon by evolution.

    January 2011 - "Pokémon DarkViolet" I had this crazy idea of doing a HeartGold hack. What was I thinking...

    November 2011 - I started my "Ruby 649 Project", intending to use it as a base for Pokémon DarkViolet. I also started my "DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource", which I am still working on. As planned, Pokémon DarkViolet uses sprites exclusively from the DS-style 64x64x Pokémon Sprite Resource.

    December 2011 - August 2012 - At some point I stopped doing the Ruby 649 Project when I realized there were some complications that can't be solved. I also realized I wanted 4th Gen moves, and the Physical/Special split, meaning I would have to work with FireRed. I actually made a ROM base on FireRed with 4th Gen Pokémon added (the never released FireRed 493 Project), but I scrapped that.

    August 2012 - I made my final decisions for Pokémon DarkViolet. It will be a FireRed hack. It will have as many 4th Gen moves added as possible by my hacking skill level. It will not have 493/649 Pokémon. The only Pokémon available in the entire game would be the 210 Pokémon in the Kanto Dex. This means that in order to add 4th Gen Pokémon, I would have to overwrite existing Pokémon like other hacks do, but it won't be a problem since the Pokémon I'm overwriting won't be in the Kanto Dex.

    October 2012 - November 2012 - Finished adding new moves, officially began mapping and scripting, which leads us to where we are now.