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I think they came out at the right time, and were best suited for a 3rd gen release (I personally don't think D/P would have faired as well if there wasn't something bridging the gap between them and Emerald). That, and you truly wouldn't have been able to "Catch 'em all," as many of the original Pokemon couldn't even be found in Hoenn.

That being said, I can't help to think how much nicer the games would have been if they saw a DS release in the 4th gen, and that very well may have pushed HG/SS back to the 5th gen, or even later. Graphics wise, Fire Red/Leaf Green would have looked a lot better, and the Sevii Islands could have possibly been more expansive than they already were (might have even had enough extra space to add the Orange Islands, instead), but I'm still happy with what we ended up getting.

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