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Originally Posted by BlorkGlork View Post
Could you please make a progress bar, it would kinda look like this......

JOHTO [||||||||------------] 30%
HOENN [||||------------------] 22%
SINNOH [|--------------------] 2%
GAME SYSTEMS [||||||||||||||||||-] 95% (Revamping)
POKEMON GRAPHICS [|||||||||||||||] 100%
STORY LINE [||||||||||----------] 60%
TRAINER GRAPHICS [|||||||||||--------] 60%
TILESET GRAPHICS [|||||||||||||------] 80%
MUSIC FILES [||||||||||||||||||||] 100%

I saw this for the Pokemon blue chrome thread. I really think every thread should have this.

Please can you do this it would be great.
Well I was actually thinking about this but I'm not sure I have enough content to do this yet. I will put something of the sort up once the game is at a further stage of completion.
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